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The Sauerman family has been in the Aloe ferox industry for more than 70 years. Generation to generation, we have passed on the knowledge of how to harvest and manufacture a quality product. We are located just outside of Albertinia (Cape Region), well-known to be the region with the highest aloin/barbaloin content in South Africa.

We export to various countries worldwide and strive to retain the uniqueness of Cape Aloe (Mossel Bay Aloe). Our mission has always been to supply customers with pure quality Aloe Ferox. Through our longstanding relationships with clients, we have both national and international fame for our products. The raw materials used by us are mainly produced by harvesters on the farm and the majority of our material is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Our products are free from any fertilizers, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, allergens, etc. We do it the natural and traditional way – the way it has been done for years!

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We are proud to say that over 70 years of traditional knowledge has been passed along 3 generations.


Our mission has always been quality, sustainability, and purity.  


All the Aloe Ferox plants are wild-harvested, in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. The whole process of harvesting until the final product is done on the farm of the Sauerman's.


We create job opportunities by using the local people and employed harvesters, for they have the best acquaintance of the process, therefore you create a tremendous product.



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+27 (0) 83 235 2148

Valsriviermond Farm, Albertinia, 6695, South Africa

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